Try-out 3 aug. 20:00 uur in Zaal 100 Amsterdam

Dinsdag 3 aug. is er om 20:00 uur een try-out in Zaal 100 Amsterdam.Wil je dat meemaken? Dan ben je van harte welkom!Adres: Wittenstraat 100, 105 BA Amsterdam.
Zaal open: 20:00
aanvang concert 21:00
Entree: € 10
Maximaal 30 bezoekers, VOL = VOL

Reserveren hoeft niet maar is wel verstandig via email:

Bart van Dongen (1959): Electric Grand piano
Composer, musician and conceptual artist, won the 2007 Brewery Culture Award for the city of 's Hertogenbosch. The jury rapport stated: 'Constant factor in his work is that composition, improvisation and concept form a trinity. [...] The act itself on sight forms an important part of his art.'

Bart initiated several projects that have the search for new music or at least new sounds in common. He is also the organiser of an ongoing series of improvised music in Eindhoven, titled IMPRO @POM

His latest project (conceived in cooperation with visual artist Antoon Versteegde) involves an Electric Piano, whose individual strings are each connected to a dedicated speaker housed in a terracotta flowerpot extended from a bamboo structure, powered by miniature amplifiers. Meant to be an outdoor installation, the first presentation will be indoors in Zaal 100 this Tuesday.

You can read more about this project here: